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City of Westminster


Veolia currently has a seven year contract with Westminster City Council which began in September 2010 and has been working with Westminster since 1995.

The City of Westminster has over 1 million commuters and visitors each day. As a result, we operte a unique 24 hours a day, seven days a week service - which includes working Christmas Day.

We are responsible for clearing over 200,000 tonnes of waste that the City's residents and visitors generate and we sweep a total of 8,400 kilometres of street each week.

In a separate contract with the Greater London Authority we are responsible for services to Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square.

Special Events

We are involved in numerous special and extraordinary events throughout the year. These include the street cleansing before and after New Year's Eve, The London Marathon, The Notting Hill Carnival and World Pride, as well as sporting parades, marches and demonstrations and major one-off events such as the Royal Wedding and the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Recycling and Refuse

In Westminster we are currently recycling 19%. Thank you for recycling! Let's keep a good thing going.

Residents can recycle the following items in their blue recycling bag or black recycling box:

Yes Please:

  • Please rinse out all bottles, jars, tins and cans
  • Please remove all bottle lids
  • Small amounts of shredded paper
  • Junk mail and envelopes (including windows)

No Thanks:

  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Broken glass, window panes or Pyrex
  • Crisp packets or sweet wrappers

All items that currently cannot be recycled are collected in black sacks.

Click here for more information on recycling in Westminster.

Click here to find out when your recycling and refuse collections are.

We also operate a Mobile Recycling Centre for small household items which can be found at Pimilico Academy every Sunday.

We also have an ongoing partnership with the educational charity READ International to collect books donated by residents at various bring sites across the City and at the Mobile Recycling Centre. The charity sorts through the books and sends out to East African schools those that are relevant to their syllabus, while selling the rest online to generate the transportation funds. In the first six months of the scheme, which launched in late September 2010, we had already collected over 12,000 books.

Street Cleansing

We sweep a total of 8,400 kilometres of streets in Westminster each week; 365 days a year, keeping the streets clean for the thousands of residents and visitors. Busy streets such as Oxford Street and around Picadilly Circus are swept two or three times a day and at night to ensure that the highest standards of cleanliness are met.

We operate a 'village' approach to street cleansing in Westminster. Teams work and focus on specific areas. Each village has a strategically-located base for our staff to operate from. We currently operate from 11 depots located across the City of Westminster.

Staff Ambassadors

We firmly believe that all of our staff are ambassadors for Veolia and our clients and we encourage them to be engaged with the communities in which they operate and provide guidance, directions and advice to tourists if they are asked for help.