Three practical things you can do to protect the environment

In celebration of World Environment Day

Our planet's health is directly linked to our health, and protecting both lies in our hands. You can each contribute to caring for the environment by reducing the amount of waste you produce, reusing when possible, and recycling everything that can be recycled. By continuing to develop sustainable waste behaviours, you will have a significant positive impact on our planet, our home.

Check out our tips below for some simple things you can do to help.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Three things you can do to... Reduce your waste

  1. Many shops offer fruit and vegetables without any packaging, so if you can, choose the no packaging options. 
  2. Buy your food in bulk. You can buy a lot of cupboard items such as pasta, rice and flour in bulk bags, which will dramatically decrease the amount of packaging you get through.
  3. A great way to reduce your food waste is to plan out what meals you're having for the week, then shop only for what you'll need.

Three easy steps to... Reuse whenever possible

  1. Keep a reusable bag folded in your bag or pockets so that you're never caught off guard in the shops!
  2. Reuse empty bottles and jars - old jars of pesto can be used to keep homemade salad dressings or to store snacks for your lunch at work.
  3. Learn how to do some basic stitches so you can repair your clothes instead of throwing them away.

Three more ways to... Recycle all that can be recycled

  1. Recycle at work, and not just at home. If you don't have any recycling bins in your office, become the office recycling champion, and ask your manager for some. 
  2. Make use of textile and shoe recycling bins around your borough, your local Reuse and Recycling Centre will have some, or you can use local bring banks - they're often near busy areas and big supermarkets.
  3. Batteries can be recycled, but not in your household recycling bin! Reuse and Recycling Centres have dedicated battery bins and supermarkets will often have a collection point as well. 

Protecting our planet is in our hands