Low carbon solutions

Veolia's Energy Solutions


Veolia is positioned at the crossover between the energy and environment sectors and as such is committed to extensive, long-term energy savings and the use of socially responsible and renewable forms of energy.

Sustainability through innovation

To meet the challenges of population expansion, diminishing resources and climate change, Veolia is committed to investing in innovation. Our renewable energy solutions help our clients to improve their performance while at the same time protecting the planet.

Veolia’s research and innovation work is focused on optimising the energy efficiency of our facilities and the development of low carbon, renewable energy solutions.

Our engineers, designers and software systems specialists deliver the most appropriate technology based on world leading applications to produce cost efficient and sustainable long term solutions. Our solutions are focused on:

  • Optimising utility usage and ensuring availability
  • Maintaining plant uptime and product quality
  • Reducing costs and improving efficiency
  • Focussing resources on core site activities
  • Guaranteeing the safety of people and equipment
  • Achieving outstanding environmental performance
Veolia is now a leading producer of energy from wood biomass for both industrial and municipal heating plants.
Biogas is derived from the natural breakdown of organic matter and utilising it as a fuel has a double environmental benefit.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants are over twice as efficient as conventional power stations