In order to uphold an ethical, responsible approach to the marketplace, businesses need clear goals and a robust strategy to guide them through tough dilemmas and management challenges.

Our commitment to Business in the Community’s Marketplace Responsibility Principles guides our attitude to suppliers and customers alike.  Over the past two years we’ve taken great strides in achieving a more sustainable, ethical partnership approach within our market.

Practically, this means working with our suppliers, our customers and our stakeholders to achieve a responsible, sustainable supply chain.

Customers First

We have established minimum standard procedures, which document our methods of responsible selling. Our staff are thoroughly trained in how to approach the process of sales prospecting, conducting risk assessments, establishing sub contractor agreements, customer contact and termination procedures.

Our Customers First initiative focuses on improving the quality of our service delivery and financial targets according to the following principles:

Service Delivery

We will listen to our customers, continuously improving the quality and speed of our response

We will ensure customer satisfaction by providing industry-leading service delivery

We will measure our performance against this standard

Anticipation and Innovation

We will work proactively with our customers to anticipate their needs

We will strive to exceed customer expectations through creativity and innovation

Supplier relationships

We always endeavour to use suppliers who share our desire to work in a responsible and ethical manner.

Our procurement policy remains firmly in line with Business in the Community’s Marketplace Responsibility Principles, which means we take a proactive approach to working with ethical suppliers.

The entire purchasing selection process calls for suppliers to meet certain sustainable development, social and environmental criteria, from initial contract signing and audit through to social and environmental performance monitoring.

We make strong commitments to our suppliers as business partners.  In return we expect them to:

  • Share our attitude and dedication to sustainable development within their own business scope and throughout their supply chain
  • Promote compliance with ethical rules and guarantee safety and security of facilities
  • Implement an environmental management system and reduce the environmental impact of their activity
  • Maintain good business relations

Public Affairs

Veolia is an active member of various sector and business led associations including the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the Confederation of British Industries (CBI). 

Through PolicyConnect, we are an active member of the Sustainable Resource Forum and of the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group. The company is also represented on advisory committees of the Environment Agency (EA) and takes part in working groups of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

We are often invited by key government departments (DEFRA, DECC, BIS and DCLG) and the Environment Agency to give our opinion on various issues affecting recycling and waste management strategy. For example, we were founder members of the Hazardous Waste Forum established by DEFRA in 2002 and have been instrumental in developing the strategy for hazardous waste management in England.

We are also asked to participate in various government working groups and government task forces (see for instance our Executive Director’s blog on the Red Tape Challenge). From time to time Government Ministers also visit our sites:

Energy Secretary Visits Renewable Energy Generation In Hampshire

We also liaise closely with the public in and around our treatment sites through regular meetings of local Community Liaison Groups as well as throwing open the doors so they can see behind the scenes. In autumn 2011, two thousand people visited twenty of its sites from Materials Recovery Facilities and Energy Recovery Facilities to hazardous waste facilities and landfills, as part of our ‘Days of Wonder’ programme.

Veolia Environment, our parent company, has a European Affairs department, as disclosed in the European Commission Transparency Register. The list of topics it was involved with is disclosed in the group CSR performance digest.

Political Affiliations

Veolia is a non political organisation and we therefore do not make any donations to political parties.