Putting customers first

Veolia brings pioneering resource management solutions to customers up and down the country. These infrastructure services are highly specialised and often the first of their kind.

Ensuring our customers always come first is fundamental to our growth strategy. New-business wins, customer retention and industry awards are testament to the innovation and seamless service we offer. In 2013, Veolia Environmental Services achieved an overall 3% increase in our independent brand-awareness study. Our scores for innovation and corporate responsibility both increased by 5%, indicating an improved public perception of us as an innovative environmental service provider.
“Veolia continues to provide a reliable and effective level of service across London Luton Airport. Their in-depth knowledge of the history and infrastructure is invaluable in providing support in many areas across the site.”
London Luton Airport, Veolia client

Working together in 2013

Ministry of Defence (Gibraltar): seawater desalination

Ensuring a secure, quality water supply

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) needed an uninterrupted supply of 1,200m3 of drinking water and 960m3 of filtered seawater to serve our Armed Forces. The original plant had become too hazardous to access and the bespoke plant required a new location. Security and quality of water supply were of paramount importance.
Our contribution? Veolia designed and constructed a new seawater desalination plant in a gorge next to the existing plant, allowing easy access and integration with the infrastructure. This long-term project provides the MoD with a sustainable water supply that complies with environmental regulations as well as their own strict security and reliability criteria. The recovered energy has been increased by 40%, giving the MoD a significant cost saving.
London Luton Airport: water and wastewater services

Water savings taking off

Water management is part of London Luton Airport’s climate change strategy but across the airport the capacity, condition and serviceability of water assets and infrastructure, as well as water quality and usage, were largely unknown.
Our contribution?  Our work included a comprehensive programme of maintenance and asset management, responsibility for the customer service and billing of around 100 tenants and meter points, flood risk mitigation and environmental compliance.

Unaccounted-for water, including leakage, has been reduced from more than 40% to around 12%. We now forecast shortages in system capacity and respond immediately to any network problems. Customer enquiries, complaints, technical support requests and emergency response have also improved.
Partnerships built to last

In partnership with customers

Our contracts with customers have lasted up to 35 years. We work side by side with them to develop sustainability goals and identify areas for improvement, helping meet or exceed targets ahead of time with help from our tailored behaviour-change campaigns.

Working collaboratively with each customer through a ‘consultancy’ approach is critical to enabling us to deliver bespoke, tailored solutions, as laid out in our vision. Customers like McDonald’s Restaurants and Superdrug have all benefited from these bespoke services. See more stories from our customers.
Helping SMEs cut their landfill tax

Giving smaller businesses a hand

In 2013, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK threw away £463 million in landfill tax by sending waste that could have been recycled to landfill. Working together with these businesses, Veolia offers a free, no-obligation site audit to show how to minimise waste production, what materials a business can recover and how to increase recycling participation, as well as identifying resale or reuse opportunities for recycled materials.