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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

​Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is the UK’s largest coffee chain with over 2,000 stores nationwide in locations such as high streets, airports and train stations. A subsidiary of the Whitbread Group, the company has grown rapidly in recent years and aims to double global sales to £2 billion by 2018.

The Challenge

Costa Coffee wanted to divert more waste from landfill. At the 800 Costa stores and over 370 franchises services by Veolia there was little room for recycling bins and in-store segregation had to be as simple as possible. The key goals were to reduce costs through rate reduction, innovation and optimisation:
  • Increase recycling rate to 80% across the Veolia serviced coffee shops
  • Invest every year to better manage waste through segregated waste streams and recycling
  • Maximise recycling across the operations

The Solution

Veolia reduces costs by finding value in, transforming or eliminating waste to help businesses become more sustainable.

Veolia has combined Costa sales data into their management reports so that spend and tonnage are managed on a site by site basis according to the site’s revenue. This means sites only pay for the services they need which provided £120,000 savings in the last financial year.

Through its Innovation Den, £30,000 of funding was awarded by Veolia to help solve the problem of coffee cup recycling. From this, a new cup recycling process has been set up at a Veolia facility which can sort and recycle Costa’s 40 million cups per year and more.

The new system was supported by a communication campaign, store literature and staff alerts.

The Results

Veolia introduced a new model that diverts 99.2% of waste and maximises recycling.

99.2% of waste collections diverted from landfill

Target to deliver £750,000 of innovation and efficiency savings identified in 2017

Streamed solutions save 14% in costs

Veolia introduced a new model that diverts 99.2% of waste and maximises recycling.


“ The four stream solution has delivered fantastic results, and we see much of our franchised stores reaping the benefits of this process in the future”

Chris Keast, Head of Supply Chain UK, Costa Coffee