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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

INEOS Nitriles

The INEOS Nitriles plant in Seal Sands Teesside is one of the largest manufacturers of Acrylonitrile and purified Acetonitrile in Europe. As part of an upgrade to the manufacturing facility INEOS needed to decommission and recycle some of the existing plant including an ADN (Adiponitrile) Refiner Column, ADN Flasher Column and Lower Boiler Column. These had a total tonnage of approximately 210-tonnes and needed decommissioning without impacting production activities.

The Challenge

Managing the entire decommissioning process on a complex, chemical manufacturing site, in close proximity to live plant was the main challenge Veolia’s on-site decommissioning team had to overcome. The lift operation was particularly complex and presented challenges due to the space limitations, weather conditions and live processes in close proximity to the decommissioning allocated area.

The Solution

Our solution was designed to reduce the volume of waste and minimise disruption to adjacent live operations.

Veolia’s experienced decommissioning team, supported by specialist sub-contractors, provided a bespoke decommissioning package to Ineos Nitriles working under Veolia’s safe system of work.

Veolia processed each column via a combination of hot cutting techniques utilising oxygen and propane. 

Veolia’s decommissioning team part-processed each vessel and positioned sections within the decommissioning processing area individually, prior to accepting receipt of the following vessel, to best utilise the footprint allocated for demolition/processing operations.

The Results

Safe and successful decommissioning

INEOS’ high health and safety standards were fully met

Material was carefully segregated prior to disposal to maximise scrap metal rebate

  • 95% of material was recycled

We use our engineering expertise and environmentally proven systems to design and implement decommissioning solutions for industrial customers. We add value to businesses by offering top-tier recovery and reuse of materials.