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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

Leeming Biogas

Leeming Biogas Limited is owned by Iona Capital. The facility in Leeming, North Yorkshire, is one of the largest gas-to-grid Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants in the UK and is Iona’s twelfth AD plant project.

The Challenge

The plant at Leeming recycles food waste to provide renewable energy and a bio-fertilizer product used on local
farm land to improve crop production. It processes up to 80,000 tonnes of commercial food waste by-products
from local businesses each year and uses AD to produce approximately 6,000,000 m3 of biomethane per annum for use in the gas grid.

Key to the commercial and operational success is the management of waste inputs and the technical and operational management of the plant to ensure maximum efficiency is maintained.

The Solution

To deliver maximum operating efficiency and achieve commercial targets, the right management and technical support is essential. Working under an Operation and Maintenance contract, Veolia provides management and technical expertise on a 24/7 basis. This includes control of incoming waste streams and full engineering capability for the AD, gas and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems on site.

Commercial food waste from local businesses produces biomethane which is injected directly into the local medium pressure gas grid where it is used by households in the area. The facility is also energy self-sufficient, using biomethane to generate renewable heat and electricity via CHP technology to export electricity directly into the local electricity grid.

Nothing from the process is wasted as it also produces a nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used to aid crop production
on farms.

The Results

Produces renewable biogas for 4,000 homes

Generates 4,818MWh of renewable electricity per year

Generates 7,227MWh of renewable heat per year

  • ​​Saves electricity load on the national grid
  • Derives biogas from 80,000 tonnes of food waste and by-products
  • Produces bio fertiliser for local agricultural use
  • Site energy self-sufficiency from 550kWe CHP

This contract has delivered cost savings, greatly reduced emissions and improved carbon footprint. It helps meet renewable energy requirements, combats climate change and effectively uses waste as a valuable energy and agricultural resource with better energy stability and less exposure to electricity price fluctuations.

“The project is a real example of how renewable technology, local resources and businesses can collaborate with city investors to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial enterprise. The plant has helped local businesses cut costs and boost their environmental credentials and, working with Veolia, we look forward to exploring further opportunities to increase sustainable energy production in North Yorkshire.”

Mike Dunn, Director, Iona Capital