Eggs arrive at Sefton Recycling Centre in time for Easter

Staff at Sefton Meadows Household Waste Recycling Centre were surprised to spot a unusual visitor at the entrance of the site.

A duck has been found nesting in a planter at the entrance of Sefton Meadows HWRC. The duck, which is currently being named on Twitter, was spotted stretching her legs after keeping her nest warm where shocked staff found three eggs.

Sefton Meadows, which is run by Veolia on behalf of the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, is a busy working site but welcomes the visitor. Staff at the HWRC will be keeping a close eye on the duck and her eggs to see if they arrive in time for Easter!

Veolia and MRWA believe it is vital to encourage biodiversity at sites wherever possible and welcome this addition. Paul Smyth, Contract Manager from Veolia said:, “It is great to encourage biodiversity wherever we can. We try to support and enhance the array of wildlife that can be found on the doorstep of our facilities.”

If you’ve got an idea of what we can name the duck visit @VeoliaUK on twitter.