Future gazing student wins school a cash prize

Emma Clarke from Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School in Wallasey wins her school £100 in creative writing competition

Veolia and Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) held the competition as part of their waste education and awareness programme. School children across Merseyside were invited to write a piece of persuasive writing to encourage readers to change their views on recycling for the better.
Entrants were asked to imagine they were living in a future where people gave up on recycling years before. They needed to write back to a family in 2015, describing what the future would be like if people stopped recycling and reducing waste and persuade a 2015 family to keep on recycling, reducing and reusing.
Emma Clarke, age 10 from Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School was the winner of the competition and Thomas Kelly from St John’s Primary School was the runner up.
The winners were picked from over 100 entries received for the competition that was designed to compliment Waste Week 2015.
Rose Halliwell, Waste Awareness Officer at Veolia said: “The quality and detail of the entries exceeded our expectations, the children worked really hard to imagine what would happen in a world where people stopped recycling and minimising waste.”

Winner Emma Clarke with Stuart Donaldson - MRWA, Rose Halliwell - Veolia and Mr Forber - Headteacher at Saints Peter & Paul Primary.