It's not all rubbish as 20,000th visitor is welcomed

The Recycling Discovery Centres are celebrating this important achievement in waste and recycling education in Merseyside and Halton.

The Recycling Discovery Centres (RDCs), based in Liverpool and Wirral, have reached an important milestone since their first visitor in 2009. Veolia and MRWA opened the doors on waste and recycling to Merseyside and Halton residents, who can see what happens to their recycling after it has been collected. 

The RDCs are an integral part of Gillmoss and Bidston’s Material Recovery Facilities where the materials from recycling bins in Wirral, Liverpool, Knowsley, Halton and parts of Sefton's collection are separated and sorted.

Visitors are treated to a tour of the facility.  Here they can see the techniques used to sort the recycling after it has been collected. 

The 20,000th visitor milestone was reached when the Eco Council from Oakdene Primary School, St Helens visited Gillmoss RDC.  Veolia’s Waste Awareness Officer Kirsty Martin awarded the Eco Council with a certificate and special gift.

Schools, colleges, universities and community groups have been visiting the Wirral RDC since 2009 and Gillmoss since it opened in 2011; both centres also host open days during the year where residents can visit. 

Kirsty Martin, Waste Awareness Officer at Veolia, said: “This is a great achievement for us as an education attraction. A visit to the Recycling Discovery Centre offers a unique opportunity for Merseyside schools and residents to understand what really happens to their waste and recycling and to dispel many of the myths that are out there."

If you are interested in a free visit to the Recycling Discovery Centres get in touch with Veolia to make a booking: click here to visit the RDC page or call 0151 651 3200.