Residents hop on the bus for recycling advice

An ‘Advice Bus’ roadshow toured the streets with all the answers to your recycling questions.

An ‘Advice Bus’ roadshow hit the streets with all the answers to your recycling questions.

A ‘recycling surgery’ roadshow was launched across the Merseyside and Halton region this week. The Advice Bus, which is supported by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) and its contractor Veolia, toured a range of locations. Local Council's joined the sessions to help to solve recycling problems and questions.

The bus visited a range of venues including supermarkets, shopping centres and markets. 

he distinctive bus – which was supplied by resource management company, Veolia – also promoted recycling opportunities at the regions 16 Household Waste Recycling Centres. The free-to-use centres are located across neighbourhoods so that householders can recycle and dispose of items from their own homes – everything from grass cuttings to mattresses. Most centres can recycle more than 40 different items and materials.

Carl Beer, MRWA Chief Executive said: “This is a trial project – with partners from all of our councils joining up to get out into the community, and speak with residents and communities.

We think that this more joined up approach – being closer to the doorsteps of the people we provide services for – will prove to be a big hit. We’d encourage everyone to come along – find out more about the recycling collection in your area – and ask any questions you might have to the people who deliver your recycling services.”

Jeff Sears, Director of Veolia in Merseyside and Halton said: “The roadshows are a great opportunity to meet the recycling advisors, who will be on hand to explain more about your recycling, what items can go in your bin and also what to do with items that can’t go in. Visitors that we meet at our Recycling Discovery Centre’s often ask these questions, so we hope this project can clear up any confusion when it comes to recycling.”