Summer is set to be blooming marvelous at Widnes school

Ashley School in Widnes has received a donation of 5 tonnes of soil improver from Veolia’s composting facility, Haddocks Wood, to help transform the schools grounds.

Armed with spades, trowels, buckets and bags, the students worked really hard and made quick work of the huge pile, which they then transported to Ashley School.

Students and staff from Ashley School at Haddocks Wood composting facility
Ashley School have been busy fundraising over the last few months to transform the school grounds by planting trees and creating a gardening area. The donation will ensure the freshly planted trees and plants have the best start and will also be used in the gardening area, where green fingered teachers and students hope to grow herbs, vegetables and fruit over the next year.

Fiona Lawrenson, teacher at Ashley School said: “We are extremely grateful to Veolia for donating such a huge amount of compost. It will allow us to make huge environmental improvements around the grounds at Ashley. Students have already made a great start with the creation of a Remembrance Garden and the creation of flower borders.”

Garden waste from Halton’s kerbside collection is delivered to Haddocks Wood composting facility. Once the material has been processed it is bagged into various Pro-Grow products, including a rich peat free soil conditioner, which are available for sale from Haddocks Wood composting facility, Warrington Road, Runcorn, WA7 1QH.

The facility also produces 20mm soil improver, like Ashley School received, which can be made available to community groups and projects, if you would like to make an application for a donation contact Veolia on 0151 651 3200.