Wirral charity offers chance to run your own ‘green’ venue

A Wirral charity is offering a unique opportunity for good causes, CICs and small charities to run their very own ‘GREEN’ venue for a week.

Community Action Wirral has teamed up with the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority and Veolia Community Fund, to help deliver the Donate and Create Change project which is helping local people access affordable reused and recycled goods instead of being thrown away and going to landfill.

There are currently four venues available and these will be managed by Community Action Wirral for the benefit of small groups and organisations that would otherwise not have access to this type of facility. The launch of the new Prenton and Bromborough venues follows the success of Community Action Wirral’s Wallasey venue which opened in 1985 and, through its use, has already diverted 4.7 tonnes of unwanted goods and materials away from landfill.

All of the venues are located in local neigbourhoods and are available for a low rent on a short term weekly basis, with all of the groups or charities retaining all the profits.
The venues can also be used for engaging with the local community, raising money for a group or charity, and holding pop-up events.

Keith Farroll from Community Action Wirral said: “These venues provide easy access for local people to affordable reused goods instead of them being thrown away and going to landfill.
It’s an amazing opportunity for small groups to earn money for their good causes and we want as many groups as possible to come along top our Open days to find out more and take advantage of this free opportunity.”

Cllr Graham Morgan, Chairperson of Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority said: “This is an excellent opportunity for a whole range of groups to get involved in re-use and recycling in their communities. It’s a great project which, for a relatively modest sum, will make the most of recycled items, reduce the need for landfill and create a really valuable community resource at the same time.”

The charity is also planning to shortly open venues in Overchurch and West Kirkby which will bring their outlets to five across Wirral.

Come to the Open Days on:

  • 1st April, 12.00 -3.00 pm at 189 Prenton Hall Road, Prenton, CH43 3AG
  • 2nd April, 12.00 – 3.00 pm at 86 The Rake, Bromborough, CH62 7AL

For more information about the Open Days call: 0151 353 9700, visit www.communityactionwirral.org.uk/community-action-wirral-community-venues-open-days or email [email protected]