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Veolia Merseyside and Halton - Who We Are

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Veolia in Merseyside and Halton

On the 1st June 2009 Veolia were awarded a twenty-year Waste Management and Recycling Contract with a value of £640 million by the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) on behalf of the Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership.

The Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership covers the following areas;

- Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council         - Halton Borough Council 

- Metropolitan Borough of Wirral Council          - Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

- St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council         - Liverpool City Council         


Veolia treat the waste and recycling from around 600,000 homes across Merseyside and Halton through the management and operation of the following facilities.

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Waste and recycling is delivered to our Materials Recovery Facilities and Waste Transfer Stations from homes across Merseyside and Halton through council-led kerbside collections.

Our infrastructure also includes the operation of 16 Household Waste Recycling Centres and one composting facility.

Along with providing the facilities needed to handle the district’s waste, Veolia are also committed to providing waste education and to helping residents minimise the amount of waste they produce. With educational visits and community engagement projects designed to minimise specific waste streams, Veolia is leading Merseyside and Halton into a cleaner, greener future.

Veolia Merseyside and Halton is proud to have achieved ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO18001.

Veolia in the United Kingdom

The UK leader in environmental solutions, Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials.

We're innovators committed to focusing on carbon reduction by preventing pollution, preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, combating climate change and raising environmental awareness.

Our new strategy is focused on manufacturing green products and energy, helping our customers and suppliers reduce their carbon impact by investing more than £1 billion on new infrastructure between 2012 - 2018.

From transforming sludge into plastic, recovering palladium from street sweepings and future-gazing with our 'Imagine 2050' report we are turning the once 'traditional' waste, water and energy management industry on its head.

Veolia around the globe 

Globally, Veolia helps cities and industries to manage, optimise and make the most of their resources. The company provides an array of solutions related to water, energy and materials – with a focus on waste recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular economy.

Veolia's 187,000 employees are tasked with contributing directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors, allowing them to pursue development while protecting the environment. 

To this end, the company designs and deploys specialist solutions to provide, protect and replenish resources while increasing their efficiency from an environmental, economic and social standpoint. Such initiatives are all part of Veolia's ongoing campaign to resource the world. 

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