Business in the Community

Our efforts towards environmental responsibility and sustainable development have recently been rewarded by achieving Platinum status in the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index.

Through initiatives in the workplace, marketplace, community and environment, our goal is to transform attitudes towards waste – and transform waste into a resource.


Merseyside and Halton

As part of the Veolia group commitment to improving its contribution to the communities in which it works the team at Merseyside and Halton have formed the first partnership with Business in the Community and the Academy of Saint Francis of Assisi – Kensington. The partnership was the first in the Veolia UK business and aims to improve a range of metrics related to attendance and pupil performance at the Academy. This will be realised through pupil projects within the business, support through the use of facilities and resources and joint working on areas of overlap.

This partnership began in late 2011 and as it grows examples of the projects and achievements will be highlighted in this section.

Academy of Saint Francis of Assisi


Where there's muck, there's maths

25 GCSE pupils visited the Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre to undertake a maths workshop ahead of their GCSE exam. The pupils were given a tour of the Materials Recovery Facility and set a workbook of real-life questions, which related to the problem that Veolia receive a 30% increase of waste over the Christmas period.

Mark O’Hagan, Head of Maths at the Academy, said “The students gained a greater understanding of the maths questions because they were able to relate them to the recycling process in the facility and realise how maths is used everyday in this business”.

The new style maths questions were used to help familiarise the students with the questions they will be faced with in their GCSE exams. As well as a session presented by Veolia, the Academy’s consultant maths teacher and the Head of Maths gave the pupils a revision session in preparation for their GCSE exam.

Sam Lawrence, Education Officer at the Recycling Discovery Centre said “The pupils were fantastic, working together as a group to overcome any challenges faced throughout the day”.

The group that visited the centre were struggling to achieve a Grade C in their maths. The day was a great success as 82.5% of the pupils who attended increased their grade by at least 1GCSE level, and 70% of the group passed their GCSE maths exam with a grade C or above.

To see a video of the day, please click here

Mosiac Project - the power of positive thinking

In Merseyside we have joined the Mosiac mentoring programme, to help raise aspirations of young people and close the gap between those aspirations and their attainment. We work with our partner school, The Academy of St Francis of Asissi, by acting as mentors to improve students confidence, self-efficacy and employability.