Mixed Recycling

In January 2015 new regulations came into effect that places a duty on the waste collector to separately collect recyclates.  This amendment will help the UK achieve a higher quality level of recyclates.

What do you need to do as a business?

Materials only need to be collected separately when necessary, practical and if there is a positive environmental benefit. We are asking customers to ensure that only the correct items, paper, card, plastic bottles, and cans are placed into your Dry Mixed Recycling container.
We will make sure we collect and treat all your materials in the most environmentally efficient way. Our technology allows us to provide you with a service that complies with these regulations for your peace of mind.

Do you need separate bins for paper, card, plastic and metal?

All you need to do is ensure that the correct items are placed within your containers so that we are able to subsequently separate these at a material recovery facility.

 How can we help you further?

To assist you further we have developed a suit of information.  A guidance document has been developed and we have made available Mixed Recycling and Single Stream leaflets.


If you would like more information on mixed recycling, download our information pack here!
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