Hazardous Waste Services

Mobile chemist

Veolia UK | Mobile chemist

Eliminating the hassle, risk and uncertainty of difficult to dispose of and unknown waste from your site.

When you have unidentified waste or waste that can’t be disposed of through standard means, our mobile chemist service is on hand to provide an on-site solution, including the identification, listing, packing, collection and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

You’ll have the peace of mind that our experienced mobile chemists are fully qualified and technically skilled to handle your one-off and regular collections,  from areas such as:
  • Laboratories - within schools, universities and colleges
  • Waste from industry - pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing
  • Drum storage areas
  • Household waste recycling centres

Our mobile chemist service regularly provides waste disposal solutions for unidentified waste, laboratory smalls (e.g. small quantities of chemicals from school labs), solvents, liquid sludges, alkali / acidic liquids, metal sludges and liquids, paints, inks, aerosols, adhesives, oil, rags, batteries, antifreeze, waste electronic and electrical equipment, fridges and televisions.
Duty of care
To quickly access duty of care information relevant to all our hazardous waste sites.

Veolia UK | Secure destruction
Our ISO accredited secure destruction facilities offer a safe and secure way of removing a wide variety of products

Small hazardous wastes
Order our Eco-Box* for complete peace of mind that your smaller hazardous items are dealt with safely.