The key to finding love might be in your recycling bin

The key to finding love might be in your recycling bin

Research by leading resource management company Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors) reveals that those in the East Midlands who show their love for the planet and kindness to others stand a better chance of finding love themselves. 


In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Veolia is sharing the statistics, in the hope that love is all you need, even when it comes to recycling and waste. 

New research shows:

  • Being a smart recycler is important - 51% of people are less likely to see someone after a first date if they purposely put something non-recyclable in a recycling bin
  • Kindness is important - 79% of residents in the East Midlands are less likely to go on a second date with someone who was rude or unkind to a waste collector or street cleaner
  • Littering to be a major turn-off - 75% of those in the East Midlands admit they would be less likely to pursue a love interest if they saw them litter during a first date


Share your love for reusing this ValentinesDay - 30% of people from the East Midlands are more likely to see someone again if they used a reusable bottle.


Enter to win a reusable drinks bottle and whilst you’re there why not brush up on your recycling know how this Valentines Day

It’s clear there is an attraction to recycling for the public - as the majority of us find behaviour which shows respect for the environment desirable in a potential partner. For instance, over half us are likely to go on a second date with someone if they picked up and disposed of rubbish that wasn't their own.

The time we spend separating recyclables at home or on the go ensures the right materials will be collected, processed and ultimately made into something new. This is a relationship we are all part of and one we should nurture.”
Lea Hawkes
General Manager Veolia Nottinghamshire
Showing care and respect for our environment is important and as the research indicates it can even influence our relationships. The small things that we do each day like putting the correct items in the recycling bin or ordering coffee in a reusable cup can make a huge difference to our world and can change the way that others view us
Councillor Phil Rostance
Vice Chairman Communities and Place at Nottinghamshire County Council

Not sure what to recycle in your kerbside bin? Download the Nottinghamshire recycling guide or call 0203 567 4391 to request a copy be posted out to you.

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