Dip, dunk, toast, freeze, blitz and bake for Nottinghamshire

In Nottinghamshire we are encouraging residents to reconsider binning a household favourite and help to reduce the 20 million slices of bread thrown away every day in the UK.


Seasonal celebrations often include an increase in food purchasing, and then ultimately food wastage, but for the humble loaf all is not lost.

Toast can be more than a buttery breakfast choice! The average person in the UK throws out more than half of a loaf of bread every month because it’s not used in time.

It’s dough joke – one million slices of bread go in the bin EVERY HOUR.


Top tips to: Make Toast Not Waste

  • Bread can be kept for longer by putting it in the freezer and be used straight from frozen, it will still have the same delicious taste.
  • Get creative with your loaf, experiment with the tasty, convenient and affordable toppings and ideas such as Bunny shaped Toast.
  • Turn those crusts and stale slices into bread and butter pudding.
  • Eggstra, Eggstra - Don't forget to dip and dunk - Eggs being the symbol of Easter they should not be left out. They come in recyclable cardboard packaging, their shells can go into home compost bins, and their toasty soldiers help reduce bread waste.

Join us this Easter half term Notts and lets #MakeToastNotWaste

During lockdown many turned to baking, we’re encouraging Notts residents to continue this trend by reducing their food waste and loving their leftovers.

Based on seasonal surpluses a range of recipe cards aid the reduction in food waste all year round. Download your favourite at: www.veolia.co.uk/nottinghamshire/LYLseasonalrecipecards
Lea Hawkes
General Manager for Veolia

To find out more about Veolia call 0203 567 4370 or visit www.veolia.co.uk/nottinghamshire


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