Easter waste reduction, recycling and reusing for Nottinghamshire 2020

Recycling Eggcelently in Nottinghamshire this Easter

According to the Local Government Association around 80 million Easter eggs are eaten in the UK each year which generates around 4,500 tons of Easter egg packaging. We are asking everyone to recycle as much as possible over the bank holiday, starting with cardboard Easter egg boxes.

Over the past few years chocolate egg packaging has been a hot topic due to the high proportion that can’t be recycled. A study by Which? has revealed that packaging alone accounts for up to a quarter of the total weight of the most popular Easter eggs on sale on the High Street. 


Remember that the cardboard box can go into your recycling bin, but please reuse any plastic and foil packaging where possible before putting it in the general waste bin.


Use up leftover Easter Eggs in this Chocolate fridge Cake recipe

This easy to make fridge cake from Love Food Hate Waste is a great way to use up leftover chocolate Easter eggs, and makes a wonderful afternoon treat. You can also use any other plain type of biscuit, and you can use up any mixture of nuts or dried fruit you might have sitting in your kitchen cupboards.

Now we know that the usual suspects for Easter treats are Easter Eggs BUT feast your eyes on this toastastic delight, sure to keep the whole family hopping around with joy. You can keep bread for longer by putting it in the freezer and use it straight from frozen, it will still have the same delicious taste. This Easter lets all help to reduce the 20 million slices of bread thrown away every day in the UK.

There's lots of inspiration to show you that toast can be more than a buttery breakfast choice. Get creative with your loaf, experiment with the tasty, convenient and affordable toppings used in toast toppers ideas such as Bunny shaped Toast.

Love Food Hate Waste have lots of other great ideas too.