Halloween waste reduction, recycling and reusing for Nottinghamshire 2019

What's scarier than witches and ghosts at Halloween? What about 15 million pumpkins that are thrown away every Halloween?

It would be enough to make a bowl of pumpkin soup for everyone in Britain, according to environmental waste charity Hubbub, which organises the #PumpkinRescue campaign.


Find out how to use and reuse your pumpkin waste this Halloween 

Top tips for a waste reduction Halloween

• If you are having a party, avoid using disposable plates and cutlery and use reusable ones instead.
• For your trick or treat goodies, rather than buying sweets with lots of wrappers save on packaging by making your own cakes and biscuits.
• Looking for a fancy dress costume? Take a trip down to the charity shop and see what your imagination can create!

To test your spooky recycling knowledge take part in our Halloween word search competition

Halloween word search (263.55 KB)


Once you have found the missing word enter it here for your chance to win a family ticket* to the Rufford Abbey Spectacle of Light (Rufford Abbey Country Park NG22 9DF) on Sunday 3rd November.


Further information on the event can be found here: www.parkwoodoutdoors.co.uk/centre/rufford-abbey/show/9bf5c02b-0e89-e911-a999-d3e49666e2ef/spectacle-of-light

* A Family ticket comprises of 2 adult and 2 child tickets