All wrapped up for the Royal British Legion and Bevin Boys

The presents were donated to the Nottinghamshire branch of the Royal British Legion and Bevin Boys so that our veterans had a special gift this Christmas.


The Nottinghamshire Community Promise is a pledge from Veolia Nottinghamshire staff to be a force for good in Nottinghamshire. As well as charitable work, it is a promise that our staff will dedicate half a day per year to improve the lives and environments of Nottinghamshire residents. 


Kevin Parker, Regional Communications Manager for Veolia commented: “We were delighted to be able to continue our relationship with the Royal British Legion and spread some Christmas cheer by supporting our veterans across the County and were pleased to be able to offer presents to the Bevin Boys this year too.” 


Elaine Hopkins, Royal British Legion Community Fundraiser said: “A lot of the wonderful gifts that Veolia so kindly donated were given to elderly veterans or their widows who mostly lived on their own and would not have received much for Christmas. The remainder went to our outreach centre at Retford.  The response I got from the recipients was amazing some being reduced to tears, that someone who does not know them had taken the time and trouble to buy and wrap such nice gifts.

On behalf of those all who received them I would like to pass on their thanks to Veolia, for helping them to understand that someone cares about them in their later years. “



Photo Featuring (L-R):
Katarzyna Musial (Veolia), Harry Parkes (Hon Treasurer, Bevin Boys Association), Lea Hawkes (Veolia), Callum Thornley (Veolia).