And the winner is… ‘Recycling good deeds’ letter to Father Christmas competition

Hundreds of letters featuring the good recycling deeds of Nottinghamshire children were delivered to the recycling elves courtesy of Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors).

The winning letter came from brilliant ‘Bin Buster’ James Fee aged 10 from Retford. James’ letter won him a special present and tickets for his family to see this year’s pantomime, Cinderella, at Nottingham Playhouse.

As part of Recycle for Nottinghamshire’s Christmas celebrations the recycling elves asked children to write to Father Christmas and tell him all about their recycling good deeds. The response was fantastic with 336 entries from children all across Nottinghamshire, varying in age from 5 – 11 years old. 

James, a pupil from Ranskill Primary School in Retford said: ‘I am really happy to have won the competition and proud to be an honorary recycling elf for Nottinghamshire. I can’t wait to see the pantomime.’
James’ winning letter was full of top tips about how to go from being a ‘rubbish’ recycler to a brilliant bin buster. His tips include;
• Putting cardboard, plastic bottles (no lids) and paper in the recycling bin
• Making delicious crisps from vegetable leftovers
• Taking part in a Recycle for Nottinghamshire tour at the Materials Recovery Facility

The competition was shortlisted by judges at Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia with the overall winner chosen by Nottinghamshire County Councillor John Cottee, Chairman, Communities and Place who said: “We were delighted to receive so many entries, the judging process was very tough, and we are really pleased with James’ winning entry. We are particularly impressed by the way he re-uses items and leftovers, as well using different recycling bins.” 

Lea Hawkes, General Manager for Veolia said: ‘All of the entries were brilliant, the recycling elves especially enjoyed the fantastic pictures, poems, songs and warnings about Jack Frost freezing the recycling. It’s wonderful that we have so many mini recycling enthusiasts in Nottinghamshire – all of whom are now on the ‘recycling good deeds nice list’’

Stephanie Sirr, Chief Executive at Nottingham Playhouse said: ‘We are proud to support the recycling good deed Christmas letters by Nottinghamshire’s littlest recyclers. Wonderful things can happen when you reuse and recycle, just take Cinderella’s pumpkin; in our magical pantomime we turn this into a beautiful carriage!’  
The festive fun doesn’t end here, keep an eye out on twitter for the hashtag #RecycleForNotts as there are lots more festive recycling surprises to come, including a special version of the 12 days of Christmas and lots of festive hints and tips. On average households produce 30% more waste over the festive period. To help Nottinghamshire residents manage this extra waste, the Recycle for Nottinghamshire online advent calendar opens daily featuring prize draws, recipes, creative craft ideas and top tips on how to reduce, re-use and recycle more.

The calendar also features reminders of items that should not be put in your recycling bin such as food waste, nappies, textiles and glass.  

Did you know that by recycling just one extra drinks can could save enough energy to power your TV for four hours this Christmas! Drinks cans, plastic bottles, aerosol cans, cardboard boxes, newspapers and Christmas cards and paper that aren’t waxed, shiny or glittered can all be recycled, you too can be a ‘bin buster’ like James and make sure that we all ‘put the right thing in the right bin’ To find out more about what you can recycle in Nottinghamshire visit: