Autumnal garden composting and recycling in Nottinghamshire 2014

Kevin Parker, Regional Communications Manager for Veolia said: “We’ve enjoyed the great summer weather and this combined with the occasional heavy downpour, has encouraged plant growth. At this time of year many are taking to the garden for a pre winter tidy up but instead of making bonfires from garden waste which pollute the atmosphere, a much more environmentally-friendly way to dispose of this waste is to compost it at home, or by taking green waste to your local recycling centre.

There’s plenty of natural garden waste available – such as spent bedding plants, grass cuttings, autumn leaves and prunings – which can all be recycled over the coming months to produce nutritious compost ready for use in the garden next spring.

Lydia Powles, Nottinghamshire County Councils Schools Waste Education Officer and ‘compost advisor’ said: “The secret to really good compost is having a range of ingredients in your mix. In addition to garden waste, you can also mix in other materials such as coffee grounds, tea bags, tissues, paper napkins, cardboard and vacuum cleaner dust.”

For people wondering what to do with all their fallen leaves this autumn, a good idea is to make a leaf mould, a fine product that can be used in place of peat as potting compost for container plants. Leaf mould can be made by putting the excess leaves in a bin bag with a few holes in it, and leaving it in a secluded spot to rot down.

Nottinghamshire residents who do not have a compost bin can order one by calling 0844 571 4444 or visiting



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