Easter is an Egg-cellent time to reduce, reuse and recycle!

This Easter, Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors) are encouraging residents to use their household recycling bin for paper and card – including Easter egg cardboard packaging, egg boxes, newspapers, magazines and junk mail. 
If you’re worried about egg-cess packaging follow our tips for reducing, reusing and recycling over Easter:
• Look for Easter eggs with the least amount of packaging
• Make Easter treats instead of buying shop-bought eggs. Children will love to help make chocolate cornflake cakes, or create Easter bunny-shaped biscuits 
• If you are planning a big Easter Sunday lunch, try to buy loose vegetables rather than pre-packaged ones and put the peelings in the compost bin
• Give each other hand-painted eggs instead of shop bought ones 
• A tree or plant makes an egg-cellent Easter gift and produces no waste! 

• Use old Easter egg plastic packaging as a mould to make your own Easter eggs! 
• Make your own Easter cards using left over materials
• The foil from Easter eggs can be re-used to make Easter decorations or to wrap up leftover food. Once you have re-used it, please put it in your general waste rubbish bin.

• Cardboard Easter egg boxes can go into your kerbside recycling bin
• The plastic egg moulds are unfortunately not recyclable, so if you can’t re-use them, please put them in your general rubbish bin
• When the celebrations are over, pop your Easter cards in your recycling bin
• Don’t forget to compost the vegetable peelings from your Easter lunch. If you’ve been gardening over the Easter weekend, add your plant pruning’s and grass cuttings to the compost bin too. The compost will improve the soil quality and help plants grow.

Lea Hawkes, General Manager for Veolia in Nottinghamshire said: “At this eggciting time we are reminding Nottinghamshire households that that eggstra paper and card can be placed in their kerbside recycling bin, along with plastic bottles, cans and tins, but not plastic egg packaging or carrier bags please! "