Free Make Do and Mend workshops in Mansfield 2018 Dates

Instead of throwing away old clothes and fabrics why not refresh, improve or mend them for the new season. As part of a reuse awareness project, Veolia, (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractor) are giving Nottinghamshire residents the opportunity to attend a Make Do and Mend sewing workshop at the Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield.

Book a free place on one of the morning creative workshops to learn the basics of using both a sewing machine and sewing by hand. Projects might include working on alterations and adaptations to clothes in your wardrobe so they can be reused rather than disposed of, updating a patchwork quilt, or reusing fabric to make a bag, aprons, cushion or stocking.
The next workshop is being held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 9am - 12.30.

6 spaces are available and booking is essential by emailing [email protected] or calling 0203 567 4392. Further information can be found on the website


For centuries cloth was considered to be a valuable commodity and clothes were regularly maintained and repaired to prolong garment use. In today’s throwaway society the value of clothing has changed dramatically to that of a throwaway society and the practice of repairing or altering clothing has largely disappeared.


Victoria Thacker Communications Manager for Veolia in Nottinghamshire said ‘The interest and creative potential in mending or altering garments is popular within craft communities, but in general damaged clothing is typically discarded with general waste rather than repaired and reused. The upcoming Make Do and Mend workshops are being held to help everyone have the chance to repair, alter and reuse their garments and love their clothes for longer.’


All equipment is provided and attendees will discover:

  • A range of sewing and alteration techniques,
  • How to repair and alter on your own with confidence, to help avoid clothes going to waste,
  • And why it’s important to ensure that no textiles go into the kerbside recycling bins.

Suzanne Rawlinson from Oh Sew Suzy who will be leading the workshops said;.”The workshops are for all abilities in a relaxed environment, to help you to refresh or revamp garments which are just too good to be cast aside... from old favourites, to your new purchases which may need a little tweaking. Don't be nervous! Bring your garments along and we`ll guide you through the difficult bits.

As part of the workshop visitors will also be given the opportunity to see firsthand what happens to their recycling once it leaves the kerbside.

Further workshop dates:
Tuesday 17th July 9am - 12.30
Friday 3rd August  9am - 12.30
Friday 24th August  9am - 12.30
Friday 14th September  9am - 12.30
Tuesday 30th October  9am - 12.30
Tuesday 27th November  9am - 12.30
Tuesday 11th December  9am - 12.30