Ideas to help you stick to your New Year’s Recycling Resolution

To help you along Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Councils waste contractors) are providing regular hints, tips and ideas to make this resolution one that you can stick to all year round.
Why not start your resolution by having a January clean up and clear out. 
What about that Christmas stuff?
Recycle Christmas cards by putting them in your recycling wheeled bin or re-use them by turning them into gift tags for next year’s presents.
Take your real Christmas tree, to any Recycling Centre to be recycled as Veolia are donating £100 to The Ear Foundation for every 50 tonnes of garden waste collected at the Recycling Centres up to the end of January.
Around the House and Garden
Use a small compost caddy or food bin in your kitchen to collect food waste like fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds and give them a second chance. Empty the contents into a compost bin to recycle these into compost and add nutrients to your garden for free!
Remember you can even recycle used cooking oil at your nearest Recycling Centre. 
Be creative!
What at first might seem like rubbish could be turned into something new, for example, an old CD case could become a new desk calendar and large plastic bottles with their bases cut off make great covers for plants shivering in the cold.
If you need to buy new, try to choose products made from recycled materials to help continue the recycling loop.
Donate to Others
If you have surplus unwanted paint, donate it to the Community RePaint Nottinghamshire scheme. The scheme is available at Warsop, Calverton, Newark and Beeston Recycling Centres. If you’ve received any unwanted gifts or need to make space for all your new stuff by clearing out your old things, consider donating these items to a local charity shop. 
Refuse and Reduce
When you’re shopping at the supermarket, remember to bring your own reusable bags so that you can refuse the carrier bags offered. If you seem to receive a lot of unwanted mail or free newspapers consider attaching a sign to your letter box or registering with the Mail Preference Service.
Kevin Parker, Regional Communications Manager for Veolia commented: “Working with Nottinghamshire County Council we are proud to have introduced a range of recycling schemes. We are very grateful that Nottinghamshire residents have taken up the recycling challenge and look forward to helping them continue this fantastic work.”