Make a change during Green Office Week

Green Office Week is a great opportunity for businesses to take stock of their environmental impact and how they could make simple changes to reduce waste and recycle more.

Below is a handy guide for topics for each day of the week:

Focus on energy, encouraging consumption reduction in the company. Ideas like, turning off computer monitors at night and at the weekends, not leaving gadgets on charge, or simply enabling the standby mode on printers and photocopiers. Don’t forget lighting too. Is it sometimes on unnecessarily or could your office consider changing to low energy LED lighting when the current lighting needs replacing.

Focus on transport, with an emphasis on urging employees to use alternative methods of transport to work, such as biking or walking. How about starting a bike to work scheme? It's a great way to cut down your CO2 and a brilliant excuse to enjoy some fresh air and add some healthy exercise into the equation too! Live too far from work to bike? Then how about starting a lift-share scheme with colleagues from your area: not only will it help the environment but you'll also make big savings off your fuel bills! If your office is in a town or city centre, try encouraging employees to use the bus service where appropriate.

Focus on waste by enforcing the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. Introducing simple recycling collections mirroring those that employees have at home will make it easier for everyone to recycle right. Many offices recycle printer cartridges but you may even be able to access a service that refills them. Encouraging employees to use the print on both sides option as a default could help save paper and money. When replacing old office furniture consider contacting a local furniture reuse organisation that may be glad to take your chairs or desks.

Go green on Thursday - switching to eco-friendly office products can have a massive impact on the company’s carbon footprint. Choosing recycled paper over regular copy paper is just one way this could be introduced.

Friday is a day to focus on innovation, which means getting social and asking your own employees what they can come up with to reduce the company’s environmental impact. Put your heads together and think about the best ways in which your company can introduce new policies. This could be as simple as an onsite wildflower garden, monthly foodbank collection, or office bookswap..

Kevin Parker, Regional Communications Manager for Veolia Environmental Services said: ‘Green Office Week is a great chance for companies and employees to think about the steps they can take towards creating a more sustainable working environment.’