Mansfield Recycling Centre leading the way in cardboard recycling


Mansfield Recycling Centre, on Kestral Road is trying to improve cardboard recycling in Nottinghamshire by ensuring that all cardboard boxes are flattened before they are recycled. A letterbox system has been introduced to ensure that it’s only cardboard going into the cardboard container.

Cardboard is a universally recyclable item, which goes on a circular loop to become new cardboard items. Cardboard is recyclable at all 12 Recycling Centres across Nottinghamshire run by Veolia, (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste management contractor), as well as in household kerbside recycling bins. It is important to remember that all cardboard boxes should be empty before they are recycled - plastic bags, polystyrene and plastic inserts can easily be missed, and none of these can be recycled in the cardboard container.

Wayne Draycott, Treatment Manager for Veolia in Nottinghamshire said: “To help make your trip to the Recycling Centre quicker and easier we are asking everyone to remember to flatten (collapse) their cardboard boxes before coming to site. We have seen a steady increase in cardboard contamination at Recycling Centres.  . The new scheme will help us to ensure there is no contamination in the cardboard container therefore increasing recycling rates.”

Cardboard is one of the easiest and most environmentally sustainable materials to recycle as the fibres in cardboard have already been processed. By recycling cardboard correctly the amount of natural resources required for new cardboard products is reduced.