New Year ‘Recycle for Charity’ campaign launches in Notts to enhance hospital care for children and their families

Help to raise money for the Nottingham Children’s Hospital by recycling

There are lots of reasons why recycling is the best New Year’s resolution for 2019.  Recycling helps everyone, it is super easy to do, protects the planet for future generations, and during January it even helps raise money for a local charity.

By recycling all your empty drinks cans and plastic bottles in your kerbside bin, you will help to raise money for the Nottingham Children’s Hospital, Nottinghamshire County Council chairman’s chosen charity.

Throughout January, Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste management contractor) will donate £2 for every tonne of recyclable plastic bottles and cans collected from kerbside recycling bins and Veolia have promised to donate an additional £500 bonus to the charity if the total reaches 1,000 tonnes in January this year.

The money raised will go to Nottingham Children’s Hospital which is based at the Queen’s Medical Centre. Paediatric doctors and nurses at the hospital care for over 60,000 babies, children and young people from across the region.  Money raised for the chairman’s charity will be ringfenced for items the children’s unit needs for the wards rather than as part of the hospital’s Big Appeal.

Almost 16 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the UK even though every type of plastic bottle can be recycled - including drinks bottles, cleaning spray bottles, shampoo, and shower gel bottles, milk and pop bottles.  It takes 75% less energy to use recycled plastic to make a new plastic bottle than to make one from ‘virgin’ materials, but recycled plastic bottles don’t just become new plastic bottles, they can be turned into clothing, furniture and children’s toys!

As well as plastic bottles, residents are also being encouraged to recycle their empty cans of pop, de-icer, squirty cream, fake snow and silly string all clean and without their lids, alongside their paper and cardboard in the kerbside recycling bin.

Councillor Sue Saddington, County Council chairman said: ‘This campaign will help us to collectively raise vital funds for Nottingham Children’s Hospital for items needed specifically for the wards and to make parents’ visits and stays more comfortable. In the run up to and during Christmas, we tend to buy a lot more compared to other times of the year - so now is a good time for us all to recycle more, which will raise money for this fantastic charity.’

Wayne Draycott, Treatment Manager at Veolia said: ‘With the New Year only just beginning, many people have made or are making their New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead, but how many of them will be as important as delivering a cleaner and greener environment? It would be fantastic if everyone could pledge their New Year’s resolution to reducing, reusing and recycling as much of the waste that is produced at home. This will help us to recycle more for Nottinghamshire, and raise money for this very worthwhile cause.’

Not sure what to recycle in your kerbside bin? Download the Nottinghamshire recycling guide from here: or call 0203 567 4391 to request a copy be posted out to you.

To find out more about Veolia call 0203 567 4370 or visit