Plan a waste free New Years Eve party!

Kevin Parker, Regional Communications Manager for Veolia said:  There are lots of creative things we can all do with those party leftovers.    Here are ten top Love Food Hate Waste tips: 1. Half a bottle of squash, juice or berries meant for the trifle hanging around? Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze – cheap and easy frozen lollies!   2. A few opened packs of biscuits? Save for using as a biscuit base for a cheesecake or alternatively pop them in a low oven the next day to crisp them up.   3. A few loaves of bread? Get them in the freezer (slice if not already) and over the next few weeks have a ready supply of free toast! Pop into the toaster from frozen – they just need a bit longer, that’s all!   4. Leftover sandwiches? If they were kept refrigerated then you can freeze them for another time. The freezer acts like a pause button so next time you need a sandwiches in a hurry take them out of the freezer, and they will have defrosted by lunchtime.   5. A bowl or two of crisps? If they are still crunchy pop them in an airtight bag and gently squeeze out any air – this should keep them crisp for another few days. If they have started to go soft, use them mixed with grated cheese for a gratin topping.   6. Stale bread rolls? Delicious toasted! Or make them into breadcrumbs and freeze in a freezer bag to use later for making stuffing or, bread sauce.    7. A chunk or two of cheese? Another one for the freezer – simply grate and freeze and use straight from frozen as pizza or gratin toppings, added to cheese sauce or sandwich fillers.   8. Tired looking salad? Put it in a bowl of water with a couple of ice-cubes to get it nice and crisp again. Or whizz up tired salad leaves into a pesto or soup.    9. Got a slice or two of Victoria sponge? Make a trifle – simply pour on jelly, and top with custard and cream – delicious!   10. Fancy whipping up something tasty for tea? Download the ‘Love Your Leftovers’ cookbook from:   The ‘Love Your Leftovers cook book’ was put together by Nottinghamshire County Council and Veolia (Nottinghamshire’s waste contractors) and includes recipes, hints and tips from Nottinghamshire residents, community groups and chefs and is available to download from: