Share your best food waste reduction BBQ recipes

On average we spend around £35 on food and drink for a barbeque, that’s risen over the last five years from £19, and with each family holding an average of nine barbeques each, that’s a whopping £315 a year*. To try to reduce food being wasted, Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors) want to hear all your recipes and top tips for the 2016 update of ‘Love Your Leftovers’, the popular free food waste reduction cook book, which will be freely available to help everyone in Nottinghamshire to reduce food waste. 

From surveys at events last year we heard that salad, bread, vegetables and meat are some of the top foods that get wasted in Nottinghamshire, why not start by thinking of ways you use these BBQ staples up at home, your top tip could help your neighbours across the County.

Love Food Hate Waste have some great ideas to get started and help your money go further…
• Store-cupboard essentials like dried noodles make delicious cold oriental salads when mixed with chopped leftover veg like baby corn and sugar snap peas. Perfect to go with your barbeque.
• If you’re inviting lots of guests and aren’t sure how much to buy and cook, try Love Food Hate Waste’s online perfect portion calculator
• If salad is looking tired and wilted put it in a bowl of water with a couple of ice-cubes to get it nice and crisp again.  
• Keep the fridge below five degrees to help food stay fresher for longer. 
• Sliced lemons can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer for a refreshing addition to cold drinks. Why not freeze grapes and use as tasty ice cubes.
• Use a cool box or cool bag to help keep food fresh and tasty.
• Any fish that needs using up can be wrapped in foil and barbequed.
• Chop up spare veg from your salad drawer into little crudités for dunking into hummus or your favourite dip.

• A dollop or two of coleslaw and hummus make delicious additions to salads. Why not make your own coleslaw to use up your veg by combining grated carrot with shredded cabbage (red or white) and some mayonnaise.
How can I enter my recipe or top tip?

Your entry could be sweet, savoury, snack or a helpful tip, all will be considered and credited to you. It must be a trusted favourite that you’ve tried many times, and must be your own original recipe or helpful tip, you can email it along with a photo to [email protected] . For further information please see the website:
The Recycle for Nottinghamshire team will read all entries and make the shortlist before contacting the winners.

Anyone in Nottinghamshire can enter, either as an adult, child, community group, school or local chef. Entries must be submitted by Friday 15th July 2016.
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