Spreading the word about free paint for Nottinghamshire residents

Community RePaint Nottinghamshire, run by Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors) at Warsop, Newark, Beeston and Calverton Recycling Centres provides free reusable paint to community groups and schools all year round but this summer, the scheme is being opened up to Nottinghamshire residents. 
This model of local reuse, rather than disposal is a great example of the circular economy in action and helps us all to reduce the amount of waste that goes for disposal, and reduces our impact on the environment. 

Lea Hawkes, General Manager for Veolia Nottinghamshire said: ‘Community RePaint Nottinghamshire has arranged a set of events that really demonstrate the impact the circular economy can have. For the past six years residents have been dropping off their surplus paint at the selected recycling centres. 

The donated paint is then given to schools, community groups and local residents who have been able to make good use of it to improve the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the county.”

Councillor Jim Creamer, Committee Chairman for Environment and Sustainability, at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “It is a great opportunity for people to take part in a scheme that is environmentally friendly and pick up some free paint. This scheme is good for the environment as it means there is less wastage.”

The dates for Nottinghamshire residents to collect paint in 2016 are:
Beeston Recycling Centre, NG9 1PF - Wednesday 17th August 
Newark Recycling Centre, NG24 2EG - Wednesday 24th August 
Calverton Recycling Centre, NG14 6NR - Thursday 15th September
Warsop Recycling Centre, NG20 0JG - Tuesday 20th September 

Each event will run from 4pm – 5.45pm and pre-booking is essential. If you would like to pick up some free paint, call Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80 to book a time slot at one of the above events. Then simply turn up during the allocated time to pick up your paint. 

The type and colours of paint cannot be guaranteed but there’s usually a good range of emulsion, gloss and eggshell to choose from and often some fence and masonry paint too. It’s a good idea to wear some sturdy footwear when visiting the site and to bring some bags or boxes to protect your vehicle when transporting the paint home
If you represent a community group, school or charity, you aren’t restricted to these events. Instead, you can arrange an appointment online to collect paint at any time via the Nottinghamshire County Council website:http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/waste-and-recycling/recycling-and-disposing-of-waste/how-to-recycle-or-dispose-of-common-waste-items/paint