Why recycle? What difference does it make?

Kevin Parker, Regional Communications Manager for Veolia said: “We are letting residents in Nottinghamshire know what a positive effect recycling efforts can have on the environment and encouraging them to recycle more during National Recycle Week”.

Recycling conserves resources

Recycling is when used materials are turned into new products, which reduces the need to use additional natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by taking fresh, raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry.

Recycling helps look after important raw materials and protect natural habitats for the future.

Recycling saves energy

Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials – even when comparing all associated costs, like transport.

Plus using recycled materials saves energy as more energy is required to extract, refine, transport and process raw materials ready for reprocessing, compared with providing industry-ready recycled materials.

Recycling helps protect the environment

Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution.
As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Current UK recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year – the equivalent to taking 5 million cars off the road.

Recycling reduces waste sent to landfill

When we recycle, recyclable materials are reprocessed into new products, and as a result the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites reduces. There are over 1,500 landfill sites in the UK, and in 2001, these sites produced a quarter of the UK's emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

If you would like to find out more about what can be recycled in your kerbside bin, please see the website www.areyoubinsmart.co.uk.


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