Recycle For Charity

New Year ‘Recycle for Charity’ campaign launches in Notts helping Nottingham's young patients as part of the Nottingham Children's Hospital Big Appeal.

For every tonne of plastic bottles and cans that are delivered to the Materials Recovery Facility in January, we will donate £2 to Nottinghamshire County Council Chairman’s Charity – Nottingham Children's Hospital Big Appeal.

To start 2018 Nottinghamshire residents are encouraged to make a New Year’s resolution that they CAN keep – by recycling drinks cans and plastic bottles to help raise money to invest in state-of-the-art imaging facilities for Nottingham Children's Hospital Big Appeal, Nottinghamshire County Council Chairman’s chosen charity.  The money raised will be used to help Nottingham's young patients to give them the best chance of recovery from brain tumours.

Throughout January, we are donating £2 for every tonne of recyclable plastic bottles and cans collected from kerbside recycling bins. 750 tonnes of plastics bottles and cans were collected in 2016, and we have promised to donate an additional £500 bonus to the charity if the total reaches 1,000 tonnes in January this year. 

Almost 16 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the UK even though every type of plastic bottle can be recycled - including drinks bottles, cleaning spray bottles, shampoo, and shower gel bottles, milk and pop bottles.  It takes 75% less energy to use recycled plastic to make a new plastic bottle than to make one from ‘virgin’ materials, but recycled plastic bottles don’t just become new plastic bottles, they can be turned into clothing, furniture and children’s toys!

As well as plastic bottles, residents are also being encouraged to recycle their empty cans of de-icer, squirty cream, fake snow and silly string all without their lids. Empty yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and food tins can also go in the recycling bin to help raise money this New Year.


Make sure you’re ‘bin smart’ this year and put the right thing in the right bin. To check what to recycle in Nottinghamshire you can find a link to the kerbside bin recycling guide below.