Nottinghamshire - Make do and Mend workshops

Join us for a free Make do and Mend workshop 

at our Nottinghamshire Materials Recovery Facility (NG19 0FL)

The focus of these sessions is to reduce textile waste by teaching people basic sewing skills to mend, repair, alter and reuse fabrics into new purposes reminding everyone that textiles should not go in the kerbside recycling bin

The workshop will include a tour of the facility where you can see first hand what happens to the items you put into your recycling bin and the importance of putting the correct things in. 

For all the workshops we will try to use recycled or donated materials and fabric to ensure as much material is reused in Nottinghamshire as possible.


We are currently assessing how we can facilitate our Make Do and Mend sessions while ensuring everyone's safety through social distancing. Further information will be added soon.

Who can attend?

Workshops are open to any ability - from people who have never used a sewing machine through to experienced sewers. 

Attendees must be from one of the 7 Boroughs and Districts of Nottinghamshire (excluding the City).

Each session is usually open to a maximum of up to 10 people, visitors must be aged 7 and above.

We allow 1 session per person per year to ensure as many residents can take part as possible.


 What will the workshops include?

Our Make Do and Mend workshops are hosted in a relaxed environment and are very flexible depending on attendees and themes. During the workshop you will be able to learn the basics of using both a sewing machine and sewing by hand. Projects might include re-using fabric to make new items such as bags, scarves or cushions, working on alterations and adaptations to clothes in your wardrobe so they can be reused rather than disposed of or trying out new ideas for recycling fabric. 

Sessions will start with an introduction to the workshop including the purpose of Make Do and Mend, what happens at the Materials Recovery Facility and a range of examples of alterations, repairs and 'upcycling' from our expert session leader. 

The project for the workshop will then be introduced and you will be guided step by step through the making of your own item. 

You can also learn more about recycling in Nottinghamshire with a tour of the site.

At the close of the workshop you will be able to take home your new skills, project and also the latest recycling guide for Nottinghamshire. 


Do I need to bring anything?

All materials and equipment required for the workshop will be provided although we encourage you to bring along your own items and materials according to the themes. 

If you do have your own sewing machine you are welcome to bring it along and use it, or even gain some help in understanding how to use it effectively, but this is not a requirement as we have machines available to use. 

Refreshments will be provided during the workshop. 


How do I book?

Please book online:  


Workshop contact details

Address: Veolia Materials Recovery Facility, Veolia Materials Recovery Facility, Crown Farm Industrial Park, Forest Town, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 0FL

Email: [email protected] 

Phone number: 0203 567 4391.