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Schools Waste Action Club

SWAC provides advice on reducing, reusing and recycling school waste.

Schools Waste Action Club

The Nottinghamshire Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC) visit schools in Nottinghamshire and deliver a waste education programme focusing on waste minimisation and recycling activities. The SWAC Officers provide advice on reducing, reusing and recycling school waste. They also deliver practical lessons and waste-themed assemblies for the whole school.

The Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC),  is a waste education programme that we provide free of charge to primary, secondary and special needs schools throughout Nottinghamshire.

It aims are to:

Increase awareness of waste and its management among school staff and pupils 

Encourage and support schools to reduce, reuse and recycle waste 

Transfer the knowledge gained by pupils and staff from working on waste at school to achieve increasingly sustainable waste management in the home.

Please see the website for full information: Nottinghamshire Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC)

Primary Schools

A SWAC visit usually starts with a whole school assembly which uses a model wheeled bin to introduce the concept of sustainable waste management to the whole school.

The SWAC Education Officer will then follow up the assembly by delivering a range of classroom-based hands-on activities designed to raise awareness and kick start the process of effecting behavioural change. These include:

  • Storytime 
  • Making recycled paper 
  • Designing a waste free lunch 
  • The wonderful world of worms 
  • Make do and mend 
  • Making mini composters 
  • Additional activities. 

More details on SWAC for primary schools

Secondary Schools

If your school is interested in the Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC) programme, an Education Officer will visit  for an initial meeting. This may be an opportunity to offer advice and support in extending a recycling system beyond the office into classroom areas for example.

The SWAC officers primarily work with year seven or year eight pupils but have worked with older students on Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) or E2E programmes. The sessions cover:

  • Assembly 
  • Whats wrong with my compost 
  • Making a wormery 
  • Packaging 
  • Making Recycled Paper - Mini Enterprise 
  • Rubbish Relay 
  • Additional Activities 

More details on SWAC for secondary schools

For more information on schools recycling and the SWAC project please visit . If your school is interested in getting involved with the SWAC please contact the SWAC officers on 0115 977 4936 or 0115 977 2467.


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Visit us at the Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield for an educational visits, recycling tour or creative reuse workshop.
In partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council's Schools Waste Education Team we run specific weeks for Nottinghamshire school visits.
Hear directly from schools who have visited us at the MRF