Global Recycling Day

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) established Global Recycling Day in 2018 to help achieve its goal of greater international recognition of the benefits of recycling. Setting a day each year to recognise the vital role recycling plays in preserving the wellbeing of our planet, is an effective way of focusing worldwide attention on the crucial steps urgently needed to safeguard the future of planet Earth.  

18th March: A day of action around the world

Global Recycling Day is all about action. It is about getting people across the globe to focus on a better future for the planet and take better stewardship of the goods and materials we create, use and dispose of every day.

In 2018, nine world cities hosted official events (London, Paris, Brussels, Washington DC, Sydney, Delhi, Dubai, Johannesburg and Sao Paolo) with at least 23 unofficial events also taking place. Around 10.5 million people also joined in on social media – including some of the biggest brands on the planet, and media coverage appeared across the world.

2019, with its focus on youth and innovation, promises to be even bigger, and once again official events will take place in at least 10 cities across the world. 

You can get involved too, just by downloading the correct recycling information and recycling everything possible from around the home you can be a part of #GlobalRecyclingDay include the hashtag #RecycleForNotts to share your good work on twitter with fellow Nottinghamshire recyclers


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