Notts Recycles Pledge

Notts Recycles Pledge


Over 1600 people took part in the Notts Recycles Go Green for September challenge this year.  That's 1600 Nottinghamshire residents who took action and made small changes in their daily lives to make a big difference in the fight against climate change.  

Now it's time to pledge your commitment to make those small changes, not just for one week, or one month but every day.


Make a pledge to reduce your waste, reuse wherever possible and recycle correctly.


I pledge...

  • ... to take my reusable cup for my take away coffee.

  • ... to put a bag in my bathroom to collect my recyclables.

  • ... to  not put plastic bags in my recycling bin.

  • ... to rinse out my jars and tins before I put them in my recycling bin.

  • ... to buy items with less packaging at the supermarket.

  • ... to make new recipes with leftover food.

  • ... to help my neighbour with their recycling.

  • ... to take my bags for life when I do my shopping.

Some of the fantastic pledges made by Nottinghamshire residents so far...

Kevin from Mansfield pledges that:
“I am teaching my two young children to recycle as much as they can and get them more interested in the environment. We will change all of our pet food from pouches to tins that can be recycled.”

Ian from Gedling pledges to:
"To was out all containers placed in the recycling bin."  

Sara from Newark & Sherwood pledges: 
"To use non recyclable plastic pots to sow seeds, grow cuttings in the garden"

Barbara from Rushcliffe pledges to:
"To always have at least one bag with me for unexpected shopping"

Jayne from Rushcliffe pledges:
"I am putting together some green advent calenders with items that will encourage the family to consider some green swaps. soap bars not bottles, beeswax wraps not clingfilm and so on."

Keith in Mansfield pledges:  
"To tell folk that ONLY LISTED ITEMS can be recycled, especially plastic ones even though we think they ought to be recyclable! And also to say that ALL bottle tops need to be removed wherever possible. We've been making mistakes on both those issues."

Pledge Terms and Conditions

Pledge Terms and Conditions

  • Pledges from Nottinghamshire residents only will be counted
  • 1 Pledge per person will be counted, but please do pledge to do as much as possible to reudce, reuse and recycle this year
  • Pledge total will be updated regularly, please note the total is not a live count


Thank you to everyone who has pledged.

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