Suzanne Rawlinson Oh Sew Suzy - Reusing Textiles

Suzanne Rawlinson Oh Sew Suzy - Reusing Textiles Case study

Lets learn a little more about: Suzanne Rawlinson

What do you reuse / repurpose / recycle? 

How would you describe what you do? 
I would say that I mostly repurpose clothing, curtains and towelling but I love rescuing old bits of furniture, plant pots, pallets, I just can bear to see something go to waste.

As far as crafts are concerned I like to use preloved items and make them important in someone’s life again.. .and dressmaking is very therapeutic, rewarding and addictive.


How did you get into sewing? 

I have worked in the sewing industry since the 80’s when I went to college in Mansfield and studied fashion and design.. that’s where I learned about making patterns to fit my then skinny shape and I was hooked!

I’d always made my own clothes but this was great as I learned professional finishes.

I also studied soft furnishing and upholstery, which was great back then as it was all frilly blinds and guest towels with lovely trims.. That’s probably where the recycling started as you could mix and match fabrics.

What tips do you have for other Nottinghamshire residents to help them reduce, reuse, repurpose or recycle? 
I would encourage anyone who has a desire to learn to sew.. an old sewing machine in the loft, Or who wants to rekindle their love of being creative - to come along to one of the Make Do and Mend workshops to get some great ideas and be with like minded people. I can also offer follow up sessions for up to four or five people at my own workspace. Friends and family who come along can even encourage each other after classes to keep the creativity going and keep upcycling unloved textiles.

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