Recycling Centre Information

All the Recycling Centres in Nottinghamshire are open from 8am - 6pm

Please check the Nottinghamshire County Council website for further information. 

Reopening of Recycling Centres: frequently asked questions.

If you or anyone else in your household has Coronavirus symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate please DO NOT use the Recycling Centres

To ensure the safety of site staff and visitors, please follow site staff instructions at all times:

  • No walking-in of waste
  • One vehicle in, one vehicle out. Wait at gate, enter when directed
  • Only one person to exit vehicle
  • Unload your own waste, staff are unable to assist at this time
  • Only one person per bin aisle
  • Maintain 2m distance from site staff and other site users at all times
  • Please treat our staff with respect
  • CCTV in operation

Please be patient and considerate of other site users – we are all in this together

Further information about using the Recycling Centres

Addresses and opening hours for the Recycling Centres in Nottinghamshire
To make sure only those allowed to use our recycling centres do so you must register your vehicle(s) with Nottinghamshire County Council first
Find out what can be taken to the Recycling Centres in Nottinghamshire at the Recycling Centre A-Z
Information about using the Recycling Centres