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Nottinghamshire residents can now send even less waste to landfill

Nottinghamshire residents can now send even less of their waste to landfill by purchasing a compost bin, wormery or water saver at a significantly reduced price.

To find out more about this subsidised scheme and to view and purchase your composter, please visit Nottinghamshire Gets Composting

Home composting your waste means that instead of binning your leftover food, you can use it to improve your plants and flowers.  Not only will your black bin be less weighty, you can save money on fertilisers and compost for your garden by making your own!  Research shows that 6.7 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year - costing the average family as much as £60 a month.  Why not get something back for free by composting at home?

Home composting benefits the environment - did you know that composting at home for just one year can save enough CO2 equivalent to all your kettle produces in a year, or your washing machine produces in three months? Compostable waste sent to landfill produces methane, which is a harmful greenhouse gas.  By composting the waste at home, in the presence of oxygen, no methane is produced. Compost produced at home benefits your garden, adding nutrients, improving soil structure, maintaining moisture levels and keeping your soil's pH balance in check.

To find out more about composting at home, with lots of helpful tips, visit


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