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Oil platform asset sale

Unique opportunity...

We are handling the sale of a wide range of equipment and currently have the operating assets from a complete oil platform ‘ready to go’. We now have everything from generators to lifting gear available ‘as new’. 

View photos of a selection of the assets available 

  • YME Main Rig

    In situ in Norway

  • Asset pic 1, West Crane

    The West Crane on the Weather Deck

  • Asset pic 2, Water Coolers

    Water Coolers, Weather Deck

  • Asset pic 3, Debutoniser, Weather Deck

    Debutoniser, Weather Deck

  • Asset pic 4, Booster Compressor

    Booster Compressor, Weather Deck

  • Asset pic 5, Diesel Generator

    Diesel Generator, Hull

  • Asset pic 6, UPS System

    UPS System, Hull

  • Asset pic 7, Fire Water Pump

    Fire Water Pump, Hull

  • Asset pic 8, Produced Water Gas Flotation Vessel

    Produced Water Gas Flotation Vessell, Prodcution Deck

Over 130 assets available for purchase

Asset data and photographs available; Site visits can be arranged

Assets available across 9 categories

The available assets are listed in the nine categories below. Each asset has a unique number, an item name and supplier name. Data files and photographs are available on request. Just click on the category you are interested in to see what we have available.