Our journey with Water Companies

Veolia UK | Our sustainability journey with water companies

Ensuring water goes further, and protecting profits, in an ever changing world.

There will be 10 million more people living in the UK in 20 years' time, putting real pressure on water supplies. As the UK's fourth most energy-intensive industry, using around 3% of UK-generated electricity for pumping, water treatment and waste management, there is huge potential to optimise efficiency, driving down costs and reducing the environmental impact of the sector.

To achieve their carbon reduction targets, all elements of water infrastructure need to be managed and optimised for greater efficiency.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

The sixth largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales, the company is responsible for providing more than three million people with drinking water and for treating their wastewater. We have worked in partnership with Welsh Water to optimise energy, chemical and water losses across their site, making cost savings throughout.


Water demand is set to exceed supply by as much as 22% in London by 2025.

If all UK sewage was converted into biogas, we'd generate 1,133Gw hours of electricity.

We generate renewable energy for over 30 water & wastewater sites in the UK.