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Veolia is positioned at the crossover between the energy and environment sectors and as such is committed to extensive, long-term energy savings and the use of socially responsible and low carbon forms of energy.

Your complete energy services partner

Maintaining the complex infrastructure needed to achieve the best patient outcomes is a challenge faced by every healthcare service

Every day throughout the UK Veolia delivers energy management services to meet the energy challenges faced by our customers across industry and the public sector. From industrial manufacturing to hospitals, educational facilities to district heating networks, our energy expertise permits our clients to focus on their core business while helping them attain their energy performance and environmental targets.

In cooperation with our dedicated Combined Heat and Power division we offer our clients the comfort of full turnkey solutions from the design and installation of optimum energy systems through to the outsourced maintenance and operation of those systems over the long-term. As part of global environmental company, we work with our colleagues to deliver energy, water and waste solutions to our clients.

What makes Veolia different from other providers?

Visit our dedicated Combined Heat and Power website to see how CHP can help your organisation
Our capabilities, experience and expertise are unparalleled in the UK. To ensure our solutions exactly match your needs we have engineers, designers and software systems specialists that deliver the most appropriate technology based on world leading applications to produce cost efficient, sustainable and maintainable solutions.
  • Optimising utility flows & ensuring availability
  • Maintaining plant uptime and product quality
  • Reducing costs and CO2 emissions
  • ​Improving efficiency
  • Focussing resources on core site activities
  • Guaranteeing the safety of people and equipment
  • Achieving environmental compliance
  • Providing finance and innovative commercial frameworks
  • Transferring utilities supply risk
  • With a £90million commitment our central R&D facitlity, known as VERI, carries out approximately 70 research programs covering a very wide range of technical issues to reduce environmental impacts, and develop renewable energy sources.

VERI also draws on a network of external expertise from universities, institutions and laboratories.

R&D activities are focused on "applied" research, which can be delivered today to the direct benefit of contracts, customers, the public and the environment - sustainably managing the resources that our society produces.



ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001


From agrifoods and automobiles to industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals manufacturers all want to focus on their core business.
Energy is a significant operational cost faced by services organisations. Careful management of these costs is essential.
In the UK district heating is becoming increasingly important to help achievement of environmental commitments
For the public sector, Veolia can provide longterm CO2 and energy cost reduction solutions for many civic and community buildings.
Veolia is positioned at the crossover between the energy and environment sectors and is committed to long-term, sustainable energy savings
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