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Veolia has the experience to provide reliable and cost-effective decommissioning and demolition services as well as the dismantling of mobile equipment, customised to meet your schedule.
Each project is overseen by an experienced decommissioning manager, supported by experts in asbestos removal, decontamination and hazardous waste.
With support from the rest of our business in the UK and mainland Europe, we can deliver a consistently high standard of decommissioning service, in full compliance with CDM regulations, across a wide range of markets including petrochemical, food and beverage, nuclear, power, pharmaceutical and chemical and high-security installations.

In addition to decommissioning onshore facilities and sites – Veolia also offers offshore decommissioning for the oil & gas industry in partnership with Peterson.

Veolia-Peterson is a joint venture between Veolia and Peterson, providing full service decommissioning including decontamination, deconstruction, waste management and environmental services together with associated logistics, marine and quayside operations.
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Our Services
  • Decommissioning
  • Dismantling & Asset Recovery
  • Demolition
  • Asbestos removal
  • Handling & Storage of Hazardous Waste & NORM
  • Onshore processing of offshore structures & installations
  • Offshore
  • Material Management & Recycling
  • Industrial Cleaning

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North sea decommissioning like you've never seen before
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Specialist offshore decommissioning and demolition
Decommissioning and demolition

Decommissioning offshore oil and gas installations presents critical safety, environmental and logistical challenges.

Issues such as the management of hazardous materials and working within a constantly changing workplace require bespoke work practices to be developed. Potential environmental impacts need to be identified and mitigation measures need to be established to minimise the effects during decommissioning.

Veolia’s dedicated offshore decommissioning capability provides decontamination, demolition and recycling for offshore oil & gas structures, emphasising safety management and environmental excellence.

Our project management team works with customers through each stage of the decommissioning management process, including FEED studies, health, safety and environmental planning, project management and green accounting.

Reference Projects

Shell Indefatigable – Decommissioning & Recycling Provision

  • Main Contractor for the onshore decommissioning and recycling of the gas platforms from the Indefatigable field in the Southern North Sea.
  • All structures transported to Veolia’s licensed decommissioning facility at Wallsend for onshore disposal and recycling
  • 16 barge ‘load-in’ operations managed
  • Veolia waste management strategy provided the best available environmental option to achieve the maximum recycling rate
  • 98.8 % recycling & reuse rate

Total Frigg TCP2 Gas Platform - Piece Large Decommissioning

Veolia successfully managed the entire onshore decommissioning process including inspection, decontamination, deconstruction, storage and load-out of materials.

  • The structure was transferred onshore to a purpose-built facility at Lerwick, Shetland as a single piece.
  • Structure weight ~ 8730 tonnes
  • All works completed on schedule and without incidents or environmental impacts
  • 98.9% recycling rate

Further information you can contact the us at, or on 01482 896 939

​Decommissioning and demolition

Partner with a team dedicated to safety and regulatory compliance.

Veolia offer a UK wide Decommissioning, Dismantling and Demolition capability, operating in such industries sectors as, Oil & Gas, Chemical/Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial & Manufacturing, Nuclear, Ports & Docks, Food & Beverage to the Power Generation & Utilities Sector.

Veolia are able to draw upon their internal divisions to undertake all aspects of decommissioning project in house. This capability allows the client to be secure in the knowledge that from the upfront planning and decontamination stages, to the dismantling, demolition and waste recycling – disposal all aspect will be undertaken by Veolia with minimal requirement for subcontracting.

Our services are delivered by our highly trained and experienced workforce supported by expert Demolition Engineers and Project Managers.

Veolia’s environmental accounting techniques enable us to offer our customer’s cost effective solutions while reducing the environmental impact.

For more information, ring the decommissioning team on 0800 048 3630 or email