Industrial Services

Industrial cleaning

Whether you are putting together a major project or you need a one-off cleaning service, our equipment and industrial cleaning expertise are available across the UK.
Chemical services

Chemical Services provides efficient cost-effective cleaning to the industrial sector, minimising production downtime and extending the life of your asset without any high-risk man entry.


We work with you to develop the optimum cleaning circuits while our team of qualified and experienced specialists execute the service with the highest level of safety and attention to detail. 

Chemical cleaning

Our service delivers excellent results through a range of advanced techniques. We clean the inaccessible where conventional methods are restrictive. We begin with a site survey and a technical discussion to make sure we understand your needs and expectations.

Using techniques formulated over 35 years of experience working within industry we can select the most effective cleaning methodology for your project. We will identify the most effective chemistry to successfully and safely clean a large variety of contaminants whilst considering the metallurgy of your system.

Oil and Gas Decontamination

Veolia specialise in oil and gas decontamination and large scale turnarounds throughout the UK as well as offshore and onshore projects globally. Our packaged solutions are based on environmentally safe, proven systems and bespoke chemistry, rapidly decontaminate hydrocarbon processing plants minimise downtime.

By achieving gas-free conditions after decontamination we eliminate the requirement for self-contained breathing apparatus during vessel entry for inspection. H2S and pyrophoric deposits, two exceptionally hazardous conditions, can also be neutralised by effective decontamination.  

High pressure water jetting (HPWJ) and Hands free technologies

High pressure water jetting is a high risk but very effective process that has been developed within the chemical and petrochemical sector for many years to clean, descale and decontaminate heat exchangers, pipelines, surface preparation and tanks.

Using the latest technology we offer a full range of water jetting or hydro blasting services up to 2800bar (40,000psi) with completely automated multi lancing equipment, remote descaling tank crawlers and cold water-jet cutting of steel in flammable atmospheres where traditional hot work is unacceptable.

Achieving quality HP and UHP water jetting services demands a unique combination of expertise and experience. Veolia work with all major sectors to meet the challenges presented, using a comprehensive range of technologies to provide tailored solutions with minimum disruption to the industrial processes.
We are well known for our problem solving, strategic approach, applying unrivalled technical knowledge, intensive training and the latest equipment along with proven measurement and control systems. Our leading edge solutions will provide the client with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased plant efficiencies
  • Reduced inspection failures
  • Increased service time of plant
  • Decreased downtime for plant
  • Improved safety performance

With safety as our primary objective, it is Veolia’s vision to automate all water jetting operations and ensure the health and safety of our employees is the core focus of our objectives.

Veolia are committed to developing innovation in this area and through our WJC committee we have been able to deliver a number of significant projects to our key clients.

Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet your project, health and safety and environmental requirements. Our multi lance tube cleaning machine uses high-flow, high-pressure hot water to clean large quantities of heat exchangers quickly, efficiently, safely and to correct cleaning standards, including the Internal Rotational Inspection System (IRIS) standard.

Tank cleaning

The interior of tanks constitutes an extremely harsh environment that poses many safety and environmental hazards. To reduce or eliminate the inherent risk, you need detailed planning, engineering, advanced technology, safety protocols, on-site process controls, training and experience. 

Veolia's tank cleaning services provide all that, and more. We emphasize the critical elements of professional project planning and detailed process controls. We are able to offer many tank cleaning techniques that feature total process containment, tank ventilation, vapour recovery and scrubbing, and automated technologies to minimize personnel exposure and eliminate or reduce manned entry into the tank.

We are capable of cleaning almost any type of tank, including crude, fuel and slop oil, asphalt, wastewater, gasoline, sour water, benzene  and more, and we now operate multiple tank-cleaning kits, reinforcing our team as an industry leader.

We provide both non-entry and conventional tank cleaning services which minimise downtime and maintain the highest environmental and safety standards. We draw on our international resources and experienced, qualified personnel to deliver industrial cleaning solutions quickly and within budget. We offer conventional tank cleaning across all sectors, backed by the latest equipment and in-house recycling and waste management.

Conventional tank cleaning

Our operatives are highly trained in confined space entry, use of breathing apparatus and jetting and in all the other health, safety and environmental aspects of their work. We manufacture specially designed hydrodozers to your exact specifications, which can be manually or remotely operated to clear sludge from tanks, ATEX approved and rigorously tested, they can be fitted with breathing apparatus or rigged up to one of our high power vacuum tankers. Supported by our in-house QHSE team, we work hard to ensure that all those on site and the surrounding environment are kept safe throughout the project.

Non-entry tank cleaning

With a 25 year proven track record in tank cleaning, we can match the latest technology with up to date industry knowledge.
The pressure is on producers to reduce downtime and save costs during shutdowns, while at the same time improving product recovery and health and safety performance.

More and more of our customers are considering automated, non-entry tank cleaning options to help them meet this challenge. We supply advanced automated tank cleaning, supported by in house resources and waste disposal and offer a complete solution including contents analysis, tank access and cleaning through to safe, compliant disposal of any hazardous material, using the following systems:

  • The Manway Cannon
  • P43 - Submerged Rotary Jetmixer
  • Dozer and Air Barrel
  • COWS (crude oil washing systems)

Veolia’s automated non-entry process fulfills three major requirements all at once: it improves QHS conditions, reduces costs and minimizes the company’s environmental impact.

Vacuum Truck Services

Our High Airflow Vacuum machines are highly specialised vehicles capable of uplifting and handling solids, liquids, sludges, dry powders and filter media. High airflow vacuum tankers (HAVT) enhance productivity and increase speed and efficiency in industrial applications, spill clearance and following road traffic incidents.

HAVT technology can move material from vertical depths of up to 45 metres and horizontal distances in excess of 220 metres. This can completely eliminate the need for man entry, or reduce confined space entry into vessels and tanks.

All work is subject to an initial risk assessment and formulation of a job specific method statement to ensure the highest QSHE standards are met.
  • Remote control and hydraulic booms which minimise manual handling
  • Sub micron filtration that protects the environment from harmful substances
  • Vacuum containers allow waste to be temporarily stored on site
  • Fully ADR compliant
  • Built to ACOP standards
Other services

We provide a range of other specialist industrial cleaning services delivered in a safe and efficient way tailored to our customers needs.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Our rapid, responsive service uses the latest technology to clean drains, interceptors and separators. From routine inspection and maintenance to emergency clearance, our experienced teams use specialist jetting equipment and vacuum tankers to provide a nationwide, 24/7 service. Our highly trained staff are available for confined space work and routine clearance of oil, silt and other substances.

We can also supply emergency environmental remediation following incidents where there’s potential contamination.  Our Emergency Response vehicles can be mobilised to most sites within 4 hours of receiving your call, keeping you compliant with your legal obligations.

We manage any waste we recover in-house, reusing, recycling and wherever possible.

Cold Cutting

Abrasive jet cutting is a faster, safer, cleaner way to cut steel, concrete and other materials of nearly any thickness.
  • There’s no need to degas areas beforehand, saving time and money.
  • Cutting is carried out remotely, keeping the operator and all other personnel a safe distance away.
  • Cuts are clean, precise and already prepared for re-welding.
  • The cut creates its own starting point, so there’s no need to over-run.
  • The system can be used to cut under water.
Our highly trained cold cutting team combines many years experience with the latest cutting technology, to serve the oil, gas and maritime industries.