Coffee cup recycling

A simple and cost-effective way to recycle coffee cups is now available.

Coffee cup recycling

What is Veolia’s coffee cup recycling service?

Veolia’s coffee cup recycling solution allows you to send your used coffee cups direct to specialist processing facilities via our dedicated courier service, where they will be recycled. This flexible recycling service offers a simple-to-use post back option where a courier will take your used cups away on Veolia's behalf.

The coffee cup solution is now available to existing customers nationwide and to potential new customers, as part of a packaged service. There are multiple service options and these include a specialist designed in-house recycling bin, a bulk collection option and a post back service – which is available to all businesses nationally.

How does the service work?

  • A personalised collection service will be put in place to cater for your needs and based on the number of paper cups used.
  • Once your cups are ready for recycling, place the cups in a clear plastic bag and then in a cardboard box ready for collection.
  • Contact our team to agree a specific date and time for collection.
  • We do the rest by recycling your cups in our specialist facility.


“We wholeheartedly welcome and support Veolia’s innovation in recycling coffee cups from the office space. This represents a long-term sustainability solution that advances the all-important circular economy.”

Chris Stemman, Executive Director, British Coffee Association

What currently happens to disposable paper cups?

Curently, disposable paper cups go to Energy from Waste (EfW) or landfill if placed in a general waste bin. A small amount of cups may go to fibre recovery.

Why can I not put disposable paper cups into mixed recycling or paper recycling bins?

Recycling facilities do not have the technology to efficiently segregate used paper cups for recycling and as standard paper mills do not currently accept paper cups mixed in with other types of waste paper they cannot be sorted with other waste papers for recycling.

How will cups be segregated by customers?

Veolia will provide customers with specially designed bins. These bins will have designated sections for customers to dispose of lids, stirrers, tea bags etc, pour off any excess liquid and stack the used cups.

How will used disposable cups be collected?

Veolia has partnered with a nationwide parcel courier to collect the used paper cups. Customers will need to line a cardboard box with a clear plastic liner, place the stacked cups into the lined box and then tape the box shut once it is filled with cups. Customers will then contact our cup recycling team to book on a collection with our courier who will collect the boxed cups and deliver them to a Veolia facility ready for recycling.

How are disposable paper cups recycled by Veolia?
Once the consumer has ‘Tipped-it, flipped-it and stacked-it’ – a process to ensure any remaining liquid is drained and the lid, sleeve and cup are separated – Veolia undertakes a further separation process to guarantee all rogue items have been removed. This is key because it will help to ensure a higher quality of material that can be reprocessed into a new product.

Veolia will utilise specialist pulping plants both in the UK and abroad which separate the fibres from the plastic lining for recycling.
What guidance is available to help customers segregate and recycle their used disposable cups?
Veolia will be providing a range of posters that customer can use to educate their staff on the recycling their disposable paper cups.
What type of businesses require disposable paper cup collections?

Disposable paper cups are found in a large range of business environments including offices, hospitals, schools, colleges & universities, large manufacturing facilities, coffee shops, shopping centres, train stations, leisure venues, conference venues, hotels and many more.

​Why should my customers recycle their disposable paper cups?

By using the Veolia paper cup recycling service you can be guaranteed that your used paper cups are being recycled into a new product as part of the the circular economy.

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