For Local Authorities

Local Authorities


We provide highly efficient, innovative recycling and waste management services for local authorities. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients to increase recycling rates, reduce waste to landfill, improve street cleanliness and landscapes and communicate effectively with residents.

Services include:

Integrated services
Our integrated services offer a coherent, sustainable way to manage waste safely now and in the future.

We deliver reliable, value for money recycling services, tailored to suit the communities where we work.

Street Cleansing
Litter, graffiti and general street cleanliness are an ongoing challenge for all Local Authorities.

Garden waste collection and composting schemes are becoming popular in many communities.

Emergency Response
Our Emergency Response services help you to cope with chemical and environmental incidents.

Compliance Schemes
Producer Responsibility legislation requires businesses to take on some of the waste management costs of their products at the end of their life.